Make Ahead Protein Packed Breakfast: How to Make Breakfast Less Stressful!

breakfast for a busy day

Mornings in our house are always chaotic. There is almost always ambitious goals to wake up early that seem to happen less often than not. Mornings are spent racing off to this place or that, trying to get ready for the day, dancing with our daughter, getting things organized, packing a diaper bag, doing a lot of laundry, picking up, getting ready for work, and whatever else needs to be done before we go out and conquer the day. During all of this my family is somehow suppossed to eat breakfast. So how do we eat a healthy breakfast in the rush of the morning? Continue Reading!


Family Fun Alert: The Nintendo Switch


Tonight I know people who are camping out to buy the new Nintedo Switch (it is officially released tonight at midnight…or 12:01 a.m. if you really want to get technical) and I have to say this gaming system is really awesome! This past Saturday I was able to attend a preview event for the Nintendo Switch in San Francisco and it was so much fun! My  husband and I wandered around the whole event playing Mario Kart (more than once), Zelda, new games like Old West Fast Draw and Cow Milking, and Street Fighter (I realized that I really like Street Fighter).  My daughter and I danced together while playing Just Dance (although I think her favorite part was the goldfish and snacks!).

The whole event hall was set up as different stages to showcase the different ways/configurations/places to play the Nintendo Switch. So we played Mario Kart in a mock Winnebago van and in a 50’s style diner on the handheld version; we played Zelda sitting on rocks; we played Street Fighter on the console version sitting on a couch in a mock living room eating snacks.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, check out the links to the console, or the photos below – it literally “switches” from a handheld device (like my husband’s old Gameboy Color – except he said he likes this one much better), to a docked console you can play on a tv like a normal gaming console.  Pretty awesome versatility!  My daughter loved it because she could walk around playing it as a handheld (which I must say would be pretty awesome to keep her entertained on a long flight or on public transportation).   Continue reading “Family Fun Alert: The Nintendo Switch”

The Ultimate Baseball Hat


Confession: I hate washing my hair. It takes forever to wash and even longer to dry (I have A LOT of hair) so I try to only wash my hair once or twice a week. This honestly saves time for more important things like dance parties with my daughter and husband, cooking fun meals, or story time. My  two tricks for not washing my hair everyday is LOTS of dry shampoo and cute hats like this baseball hat. Recently I stumbled across this cute baseball hat from Shuga Clothing  it is only $12 and they have a variety of fun colors. The other great thing about this hat is that it is adjustable so my daughter can even wear it (she has an obsession with hats).