Monday Meal Plan: Menu 1

Today I am sharing a typical weekly meal plan menu at our home. Realistically I do not cook every night. I cook most days of the week because it saves my family money and is healthy but I do not like cooking everyday nor do I like cleaning dishes everyday. My goals are to cook efficiently to save time for more important things. Below I have written out what my family will be eating for the next week. 

Monday: Breakfast for Dinner Egg Cups and Pancakesbreakfast for a busy dayWe love breakfast for dinner. I make a variation of this recipe for dinner at least once a week. I typically double the recipe and make pancakes too. My family and I enjoy the leftovers for breakfast throughout the week!

 Tuesday: Taco Tuesday Slow Cooker Taco Meat Three Ingredient Crockpot Taco PlateThis slow cooker taco meat is so easy to make especially on a busy day! I simply start it in the morning and let it cook all day in the slow cooker. It is delicious and makes a lot of food. We will be eating this meat for the remainder of the week. 

Wednesday: Taco Salad Ranch Southwestern Spice Using the leftover meat from the night before I will make a taco salad similar to this one. This dinner takes 10 minutes to prepare since the meat was prepared in advanced all I have to prepare are the vegetables to serve with it.  For dressings I love this chipotle ranch or an avocado ranch.

Thursday: Rotisserie Chicken and Roasted Vegetables before-roasting-sweet-potatoes-and-brussel-sproutsI love buying rotisserie chicken from Costco or other grocery stores. They are so easy and delicious. As a side dish, I love to roast seasonal vegetables and use the leftover vegetables in salads, quinoa bowls or loaded sweet potatoes (my go to lunch).

Friday: Leftovers! (better known as feed your own face night) 20160722-4 Typically by the end of the week we have lots of leftovers in our fridge. We will keep it simple and eat leftovers or make something like quesedillas.

Saturday: Night Off

Typically one night a week I do not cook. Wether my husband cooks or we go out to eat.

Sunday: Slow Cooker Chipotle BBQ Chicken Sandwiches Crockpot Chipoltle bbq chickenThis is so easy to make on Sunday and everyone in my house loves it (including my toddler)!

I hope this meal plan in helpful. This is what my family typically eats for dinner throughout the week. Many of these meals can be eaten for lunches the next day.


8 thoughts on “Monday Meal Plan: Menu 1

  1. now this is a. log post i needed to read! you would cringe if you knew how often i eat out! thanks for this, i definitely need to step my cooking game up!


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