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Have you ever read the book or watched the movie “Confession of a Shopaholic”? It has been years since I have read the book or watched the movie but I do remember that she wrote for a magaize under the name of The Girl in the Green Scarf. Although I do not have much in common with the character of the book “Confession of a Shopaholic” since most of my shopping is done at Target (Yes, it is my favorite store!) and not at Gucci. The one thing I do have is a green scarf that I love. I recently have found a new love for scarfs. As a mom I have realized that most accessories are difficult. Most jewelry cannot handle the pulling and tugging from a toddler. Scarfs however are durable and inexpensive so they have become my go to accessory especially in the weather when that is chilly but a coat is too warm. I am excited to enjoy warm weather and no longer have to worry about wearing a coat pretty soon.

Three other things that I am excited about right now are:

  1. We are loving the movie “Trolls” and often just watch certain parts so we can have family dance parties. The soundtrack is awesome and just makes our little family  dance (Yay for Dance Parties)!
  2. Today, my daughter and I survived Target without a huge tantrum. Normally going to a store conists of a non stop wrestling match and tantrum from my toddler (she hates staying seated in the cart.) So today was a win in my book because I left without having to read the Daniel Tiger book about feeling mad while simultaniously singing songs the entire time (it was a mini mom miracle).
  3. I am working on a post I am super excited about on how I make breakfast easier. Check out the blog later this week for more details on my tricks. It has seriously made my life so much easier and I am sure it will be helpful to you too.

I hope you all have a great day!


Photography by Baley Marie Photography 


6 thoughts on “The Girl in the Green Scarf

  1. Haha, this post is perfect coming from a mom of 4 here! They can break a necklace or pull on an earring… but a scarf, the chances of them strangling you with it are pretty slim😂😂 Love the pop of color, cute post!


  2. Girl you look so cute and cozy! And very stylish mom! I have read and seen that movie Confessions of a Shopholic! I could relate to that in some ways when l lived at home with parents but now those days are over especially I have to be on a strict budget! Haha! Hope you are having a wonderful week❤️


  3. Yes I’m definitely a fan of scarves! And this is a pretty green one. I love wearing green too because it looks so good on my skin tone. Glad you had a successful Target trip. I remember those days when my son didn’t want to stay in the cart. Now instead he asks for EVERYTHING in the store. Lol.



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