Thanksgiving Week = Sweater Weather and Yummy Food! (Stress-free if planned right too!)


This week is Thanksgiving … YAY! This year we are spending time with family, and of course eating yummy food! My mom and I are making Thanksgiving dinner together. We have a game plan to tackle Thanksgiving Dinner and make it easier for us. Here’s the secret to a stress-free (or at least greatly reduced stress) Thanksgiving!

  • Making the stuffing the day before and baking the stuffing the day of. This means making the cornbread a day or two early to let it dry out a bit (check out my yummy stuffing recipe here). Then just put the ingredients together and bake the day of – that way it is just combining and putting it in the oven and setting a timer.
  • Making the brine on Tuesday so it will be nice and chilled for the turkey. (I love this brine recipe!)  Brine is easy to make, and it is even better if it is already chilled when the turkey goes into it.
  • Making an herb butter to massage into the turkey on Tuesday.  That’s one less thing to worry about on Thursday!
  • Setting up a game plan for what needs to be cooked at what time – just a matter of coordinating and organizing the food.  For example, the turkey needs lots of hours to cook, but green beans can be thrown in the pot to boil shortly before the dinner (which also means they will still be warm when the turkey is done).  Setting things like this up also means that if the turkey takes longer than expected to fully cook, other side dishes won’t be cold when the turkey is done!

Plus, the benefit to starting some of the dinner earlier in the week is that you get to smell that yummy Thanksgiving food for longer! And starting to make food ahead of time gets EVERYONE excited for the bit meal!

A cute outfit is almost just as important.  We always dress nicely (but comfy, not fancy) for Thanksgiving dinner with the family.  My game plan for my Thanksgiving wardrobe will definitely include this sweater. This sweater is extremely comfortable (which is a necessity on Thanksgiving!) Also how fun is the color?! It reminds me of fall leaves that are changing colors to yellow!

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving week!

20161103-2120161103-12Sweater, Necklace, Similar Bag, Jeans, Boots20161103


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